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My Windows10 Adventures…

Windows10 part 1 and 2 have moved to a page with a few updates added… 🙂




Normally I try to keep my photo work and my computer work apart… But how could I resist the friendly request to share my experiences installing Windows 10? 🙂

To begin with, I am only a ‘techy light’… A real computer technician would probably wrap me up and throw me into the Recycle Bin – and empty it too… 😉

But I know enough to realize that the way things turned out on my Win7 (Home Premium edition) laptop can be quite different on another computer, running other programs, configured differently by the producer and for a thousand other reasons…  (READ ON…)


8 thoughts on “My Windows10 Adventures…

  1. Rinus Alewijnse says:

    Of course you need high-tech people for very special problems like my Win-10 update which sticked to 55% for eternity, but on the normal userlevel you are an expert – also because you are able to tell us about all precautions taken to get a clean base for succesfull updating and because you are able to help so many non-tech users to get their stuff running again.

    We both know that most are not able to do even the most basic things like running Ccleaner every month or having their trashbin emptied every week or putting their pictures in a clean order every day 🙂

    So, Bryan is correct and I am too :-))))

    PS: your screenshots are not typical for W10 because they are too personalised.
    I will send you a shot from a “basic-user”.

    • Thanks again for the compliments 😉 I will start blushing if you go on… 😛

      @PS: I never said they were typical… Those are MY adventures, remember? 😉

  2. That’s really helpful, Nil, and I’m sure a lot of people besides myself will be extremely thankful.

    I’m still a bit of a scaredy cat about Win10, as there’s an awful lot I could lose, and it seems a bit of a job. But I’m so glad you’ve posted this information. Thanks so much!

    • Hi Bryan,
      Glad to be of help 😉

      I would like to stress again that all depends a lot on the machine – but like in most cases installing Windows is the easier part… It is after the installation that the real work starts… more about that later today, I hope… If there is so much you really don’t want to lose, make sure to back it all up… that is always a good idea as my dead harddisk on the PC proved to me so recently. Without backups I’d certainly be in a lot of trouble now, crying my heart out in a hidden corner… 😉

      Win10 has still some issues as every new operating system has in the beginning and it might indeed be wiser to wait and see… That is why I ‘sacrificed’ my Win7 laptop rather than the PC to find out. It may take some time to decide if it will ever find its way to the PC… And trying it out and then going back to the old system if it does not work out might still create its own problems… 😉

  3. Rinus Alewijnse says:

    Protest 1: you are not “techy-light” at all – I am deeply impressed and I also have many years of experience too, so you can take my opinion seriously 🙂

    Protest 2: you have the knowledge and the patience to carry-out a lot of safety preparations almost nobody does – even in normal computer-life as we know from many dreadfull experiences around us 😦

    Protest 3: W10 is not worth to spent much words about from a photographic view, because it does not add (as far as I have seen) anything relevant for organising and improving your photographic output for “normal people”. I would have been more impressed if they had included something like “Picasa-light” 🙂

    • @Protest1: Thanks for the compliment and your comments – but I really do know the difference between me and a ‘real techy’… and believe me, I am the light version 😉

      @Protest 2: I am only giving ideas of what can be done… Of course I know that most users just are not up to some of my tips – and that’s nothing to be ashamed of. But I have no idea who will read all those words and as the titel says, I am writing about my own experience, hoping something in there might help someone. It is up to the readers to pick out whatever might be useful for them (or not…) 🙂 As mentioned in the beginning, the whole circus may react completely different on another machine, triggering different bugs hidden in unforeseen corners.

      @Protest 3: In the second part (that may be online tomorrow) I will give an idea of what does work and what not – again with the accent on ‘my laptop’… and up to now. It is something I am doing for myself to decide if some day my PC as well might run on Win10. And it might give others an idea of what to expect… So, it is not specifically about photography.

      PS: Picasa is working fine, by the way 😛

      Cheers! 🙂

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