6 thoughts on “Windows 10 Part 2…

  1. This is proving really helpful, Nil, if a little off-putting. I have a lot of written files I really would hate to get messed up, or not be able to access for one reason or another. So far, I am thinking I won’t take the leap, certainly not for now, as I can’t really afford the time to mess about with all the little hitches, glitches and setbacks that seem to be occurring. I keenly await your updates!

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    • Maybe it is a wise thought to give it some time 🙂

      I don’t really want to put off anyone but if something goes wrong, it takes so much time to puzzle it all back to life… and that is time you would normally spend doing completely different things… Don’t I know!… 😉 You still have almost a year for the free upgrade anyway… Just keep an eye on the troubleshooting sites to see how it goes but remember that for each person in trouble there may be also a lot that just happily work with the 10… Of course, we don’t hear about those… 😉

      I will try to give an update if there is anything important but cannot really promise it 😉

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      • I certainly won’t be holding you for responsible for anything that might go wrong. Your experiences are proving to be incredibly helpful because you’re recording them so well. It’s much better than the official stuff you get from Microsoft, who like to make everything sound so smooth and wonderful. Then if anything goes wrong, you feel as though you’re the idiot to blame. Really, I can’t thank you enough. You’ve helped me make up my mind to postpone things until I’m in a slightly better frame of mind to deal with it. I’m sure a lot of other people will really appreciate this.

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        • Yep! They make it sound like a ride in the park, don’t they? 😀 It never is… And I certainly know that feeling… “Is it me or is it the machine?” is usually my first question when something goes wrong… Mostly it is the machine 😛

          I remember only too well from my last job how new software would be tested to pieces trying to create the same environment as the users had (no, I wasn’t into testing then…). And when the rollout day came, the users would be all over the helpdesk with 1001 complaints about things not doing what they expected… It is almost impossible to calculate every possible situation when you throw something new at an existing system… 🙂

          Anyway, I’m glad I could help a bit…


  2. Rinus Alewijnse says:

    Congratulations – big job and hopefully encouraging many – although their main interest often has nothing to do with Windows, but with their main photomanager.

    I only have worked a few hours with the W10 of a friend and my impression is just a different lay-out – not much more, apart from Edge. The most beautifull Windows ever seen still is my old Vista 🙂 A matter of taste of course – like with pictures.


    • Thanks! 🙂

      There are all kinds of people who use their computers in different ways and not all of them are photographers… But I can understand why you do think of photographers first 😉 It is one of my first concerns too…

      But it is not only a different layout as far as I can see. Coming from Win8 as on your Streambook, I can again understand why you say that. But still working with Win7 on the PC, the mixture of the 7 and the 8 and here and there new elements is more the way I see it. And it has a more flexible feel to it that I like and that Win8 was missing a bit. It certainly is a lot faster – but that depends also a bit on what else there is on the machine and what conditions on other machines the upgrade had to deal with… Not everyone has the luxury to be able to reserve and prepare a computer for the sole purpose of installing Win10 😉

      Win7 (ultimate) is a rock – and a worthy successor to XP (that so many people still cannot let go 🙂 ) With Win10 we still have to wait and see if it can keep the promises it seems to be presenting… 🙂


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