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Antwerp Cathedral… Kathedraal Antwerpen…


6 thoughts on “Antwerp Cathedral… Kathedraal Antwerpen…

  1. In summertime there are regular small concertos on Friday-lunchtime for a small fee. See the churchwebsite.
    The larger romantic Schijven-organ above the entrance seems to be restaurated now. Thats better for music from Mendelsohn upwards and especially the great French organcomposers like Franck and Widor.

  2. … and the organ (Metzler 1993) of which you can see a tiny bit in the upper picture is perfect for playing Bach or for listening to it, because its beautifull sound (even when playing soft) fills the whole magnificent bright church.

    Dowland is also a very nice composer, but for lute and voice only and he did not left much music behind – mostly quite melancholic 😦

    However: both pictures are lifting-up my soul filled with small computer-sorrows 🙂

    • Thanks, Rinus 🙂

      It seems they don’t play the organ in ‘tourist hours’… I would have liked to hear it. Will have to sneak in during a service maybe… 😉

      It is true that Dowland is rather melancholic but I love his music. It is so soothing. Guess I have my melancholic moments too… 😉

    • Nice combination – and thanks! 🙂
      I was listening to John Dowland when I was working on them…

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