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    • Yes, she is! 😀

      Talking about ‘she’, I hope you wouldn’t mind a small correction?…
      I am a ‘she’ too, in fact… 😉 No, I don’t mind being called bro – it reminds me of my (long gone) biker days… nevertheless, I am a female of the species 😉

      • dear, sis! 🙂 …omg, you have now two reasons to hate me.. …at first I thought you were dutch and now this gender thing… …but for my excuse I could’ found your name at your blog and I thought it was related to the name ‘Neil’. I’m just wondering if there is something left to step in by mistake… 😀 😉

        …so, let’s start again with my first comment for that post, to put everything in the right way…

        Hot rooster, sis! 😉

        • 😀 😀 😀
          You’re not the first, and probably not the last either, to step into that trap… And why should I hate you for it? 😉 I think it’s funny… 😉

          By the way, it happens to me too every now and then, that I really wonder if I’m talking to a man or a woman… especially with strange blog names and no personal photo – and keep twisting and twitching to circumvent the issue 😉 So, certainly no hard feelings… It only shows that some parts of the forever ongoing gender discussions are not so valid preconceptions…

          Time will show if there are other traps even I am not aware of… 😉

          • 🙂 🙂 🙂 …c’mon, disclose the secret of your name 🙂 …I checked a few weeks ago your side, but couldn’t find it. Is it..

            ..or is it okay to call you NIL. Or does NIL just stands for another name of your blog?

            btw, just call me… BLANK… ..POINT BLANK (my mom would be really proud, because she loves the name Point)

            • 😀 😀 😀
              You’re as curious as the cat in my last post 😉

              I see one version in your interesting list that was always used when I was living in Germany > Nilly
              Here in Belgium it was shortened even more to Nil – which confused the UK people I often met to no end – so they made Nils of it… But it was easy on the phone, really. Instead of having to spell my name I used to say “Nil, like in the football…” 😉
              The original item is Nilgün – a Turkish name…

              Feeling better? 😉 😀

    • Had hier een antwoord op geschreven – maar blijkbaar vergeten te posten?…
      Dat de schaapjes ook nog hun beurt krijgen… Éen van de twee toch… 😉

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